Wednesday, February 20, 2013

whoa.. it has been some time since I visited this site !

Here we are February 2013.. Where has the time gone??
Our lives are incredibly blessed..  Mathew is healthy and happy..... as I am ... Our children are growing by the hour it seems...

Jacoby is 15... Joben is 11... Kenton is 9... Shyann is 8... and Sholann is 7 oh and Daddy is !!!!!

This month we will be adding a new member to our family...  Sweet Jerry who is 8... We will be fostering him for 6 mts and then adopt hopefully around September.. The children (littles) have no idea we will be adopting him and cannot wait for them to hear the news...  We have spent this week preparing beds and rearranging rooms..  EEEEEK this is so exciting.. Then we are DONE!!!!!!!!! lol

We are so proud of our children..

Mathew and I have started a new business called LIFE VANTAGE!!! and LOVING it..
Protandim is the most amazing product we have ever heard of or used..  Check it out :)

Sharing this with loved ones and friends has been our priority this last year.. There is so much turmoil, sickness and illnesses that we wanted to help others have a healthier and happier life..

Mathews goal is to retire this December on our 19th Anniversary... so we can work this full time..

It is something we are both enjoying and thankfully we have amazing children that understand that Mommy and Daddy are going to be away from home during the day and evenings but understand that we are doing it for us as a family.. That we will be able to afford the wonderful necessities of life and extras too..
Be able to spend more family time after a year or so..
Jacoby is an amazing big brother and babysitter.. Very grateful to have a son that is kind and considerate of what we need to do....

I wonder sometimes how I got this lucky and was so blessed to meet a man like Mathew and then have all of these amazing children come into our lives... Heavenly Father has poured blessings down abundantly.. For that we are forever grateful..

Let us make 2013 the best year ever.. Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Financially  etc and be Eternally grateful for what we have and not focus on what we don't yet have....

God bless you all

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