Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mathew is still Cancer Free ! Check out Protandim

Mathew is healthy and alive still.. we say Fat and Happy !!!

Looking back 5 years ago when he was first diagnosed with Colon Cancer, we never dreamed we would be a happy family of 8 today.. Adopting another little boy KYSON in the next few months brings our total of children at home to 6..

15, 11,10, 8, 8 and 8 :)
We have never been happier !!!

Mathew and I are working in our new business in LifeVantage with a Product called PROTANDIM, True Science and Canine Health....  Amazing products which have not only helped us with our issues physically but bringing us in the extra income to support our ever growing family..
Mathew usually has to be hospitalized  several times a year with his bad kidneys BUT touch wood, in the year he has been taking Protandim there has been ZERO visits......  Incredible

please check out this video
and check out why we are thrilled to be a apart of this amazing Company LifeVantage...

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The lotion True Science is an Anti Aging Cream but also can be used on Skin Cancer, Burns, wounds etc etc.

The Canine Health is a form of Protandim containing the same 5 ingredients but for our animals !!!!  Our 9yr old lay around Silky Terrier is now a runaround PUPPY!!!!!!

You can check out Protandim on

there are 15 Peer review studies!! We are on NASDAQ and Publicly Traded !!!

Pubmed Studies - Protandim

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