Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun in the sun

Splish splash!
Having fun

My girls

little posers..
The girls played SO WELL today... I think they are going to be very close... YAY!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our 3 sweet new additions...

Our 3 sweet babies
full of mischief!!!!

Yesterday, Mathew went and picked up 3 little Angels as the Stork was busy elsewhere!!!
Ben, Ken and Shy have come to live with us and we will hopefully get to adopt them in another 6 months!!!!!
I cannot tell you how blessed we feel... These children were so meant to come into our family.. Shy looks like Sholann and Ben favors Jacoby and Ken is just sweet sweet sweet... oh has blue/green eyes like ME!! Everyone else in my family including Daddy have brown eyes...
WE got them bathed and dressed into clothes that looked like typical Arrington clothing..
Our dream is finally coming true.. that we get to add to our family forever....

Jacoby is the best big brother ever and the boys won't leave him alone.. Sho and Shy play constantly and love sharing their room..

The boys were SO excited with their new bedroom as it is full of monkeys and vines and a DIEGO comforter each which by the way is their FAVORITE!!! Yes they were so meant to come to our family..
They played until it got dark and knelt down for family prayer before going to bed. Not a sound out of any of the 4 younger ones when tucked up in bed with kisses and cuddles. They slept peacefully all night until I woke them up this morning for school... WOW!!!!
Ben and Ken are in school and today I went to have lunch with them... They were thrilled to see me.. Jacoby leant forward and gave me a kiss in front of all the people in the Cafeteria... I LOVE my big boy...
Shy will start pre-school on Thursday so all my children will be at school so Mathew and I will get 3 hours all to ourselves.......... YIPPEE!!!!!! lunch dates, movies, CHORES!!!!!
Thank you to all who prayed on our behalf to bring these children into our lives.
We are a happy family..........

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Got to meet our 3 extra special children...

Our forever children..
Mathew and I were able to travel to Buckeye to meet the children..

I felt like I had been hit by a tornado!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha.. talk about HYPER!!!

Sadly though we had to leave them and they were upset and Kenneth even cried saying he wanted to go home with us...

We called them today and they asked if we could go see them tomorrow so we are taking off again to visit them in their foster home again tomorrow afternoon....

We hope that they can actually come HOME this weekend....

I will keep you all posted...

Jacoby and Sholann are very excited that these children get to stay with us forever and not have to leave....... YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

oops............... Has it been THAT LONG!!??

I don't know where I've been or what I have been doing to not keep this blog updated.. SORRY!!!!
Anyway........... Mathew is still doing GREAT!!! Lacks some energy and still gets tired easily BUT looking healthy and able to lift some weights...... YAY!!
ADOPTION....YES............ we were selected to adopt a sib group of 3..
girl age 4.. 2 boys aged 6 and 7
We will hopefully get them moved in very soon..
We feel soooooooooo blessed to have been chosen to take these children into our home and lives.
We have waited it seems forever to get some children to adopt and finally when I was "so done"
with the emotional roller coaster of Fostercare. here they come..
Over the past 7 years we have loved on over 40 children that have become a part of our family and now it is time to BE DONE... to raise our 2 children along with these 3 who will join us soon..

I have been NESTING !!! Re-painting bedrooms and cleaning and rearranging and now we are ready to move our children in.
Tomorrow we go to read more about them and see pictures and discuss a transition period..
We just hope it won't be too long before we have them move in and get them settled and our 2 accepting them as their sister and brothers...

Watch this space!