Saturday, February 28, 2009

A great Saturday..

Brianna and Jacoby
Brave Jacoby.. NO WAY would I have done this..
learning to have fun on a "people" propelled ride
Jacoby TRIED not to look at the cleavage!!!
Mathew was actually up to taking 2 of our children to the Renaissance festival nr Gold Canyon today..
I think Jacoby and Brianna were somewhat disappointed that the "faire" was not a place with tons of rides..... However, once they accepted this was different they enjoyed it and on the way home told Daddy it was a blast....
Tonight, Mathew and I went to have a delicious homemade roast beef, roast potatoes, yorkshire puds and veg's with yummy thick rich gravy.. Ending with profiterols and choco eclairs!
THANK YOU to David and Marjorie for a wonderfully peaceful night and for inviting us over for a wonderful meal... We are blessed to have become friends with you both..
THANK YOU also to mom for babysitting my 7 kids..... What would we do without you?
A great day all in all... Roll on tomorrow and hope it brings another great day to us....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

feeling better

Handsome Dude
starting to heal
I got the whip out and made him do his chores!
Mathew is up to pairing the socks and chatting to his brother Jim CONSTANTLY on the phone.. And they say women gab alot!!!!!
My arm is finally healing and is very itchy!!!!
Mathew and I started to paint our wall in the back yard today.. Get rid of all the scrapes from the kids bumping into it with their bikes etc..
Our flowers are starting to bloom and this weather is the BEST !
There is so much to be happy and thankful about..

Monday, February 23, 2009

ouchy ouchy... where's the pain killers!???

My arm is still sooooo painful and swollen and after a BAD nights sleep or lack of it should I say... I will take a 1000mg of Ibuprofen and a sleep aid tonight !!!!!

Good and Bad news!!!

Mathew went to see his Oncologist today and the GOOD news is, he gets another week off from Chemo just so that his body can have a bit more time to recoup.
The BAD news is that Dr Nabong said that being as 8 out of the 16 lymph nodes were positive he wants Mathew to do the full course!!! He kept thinking that Mathew had only 1 positive lymph node..... Mathew was pretty sad about this blow but hey, what the heck..... he's at least still here and we have to be very thankful for that..... Another week to enjoy with him having some energy.. GREAT !!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ruthies RIBS !!!!!!

All gone !!!
Tony, Ruth and the PIGLET !!

Tucking in...
Our bro and sis-in-law brought over the most delicious ribs and cheesy garlic bread to fatten Mathew up before chemo begins on Tues... OH MY HEAVENS can you say Scrummdiddlyumptious!!! Check out HER ribs!!! lol

what a night!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to have to lay off the BEER before I hurt myself too badly! lol lol
After the fall last night I took a 1000 mg of Ibuprofen and still had a restless night..
This morning I woke up aching all over and I can hardly bend my arm.. Thank goodness it was my left arm and not my right.. How would I be able to cook and clean and do laundry and wipe baseboards and drive and and and ????

Saturday, February 21, 2009

OUCH !!!!!!!

Still smiling though
Jacobys sore lips
Ran over his finger on his skateboard!
Totally bruised and swollen!
OUCH.. My arm and wrist HURTS!!
My "poorly" arm

What a great weekend...

S'more time

Having fun playing

Christopher pulling his brother Jacoby
Sweet Savannah

Christopher and Sholann

Daddy and Savannah

We were able to go out with friends to Casa Reynosa last night and had a blast!!!!!!!
Thanks David and Marjorie....
Today, we've had a wonderful day.. Weather just beautiful and our kids played outside most of the day.. I love where we live as all the neighbor kids came out in our cul-de-sac... So great to see them all out playing together, older and younger! Tonight we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. YUMMY
Then to end the night I FELL over...
Gosh I'm too old to be taking trips like this..
My arm got totally scraped along with my wrist, knee and hip..It was weird as it totally knocked my shoe off! lol
Anyway it was a great day and hope tomorrow can be as great as today.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love my kids...

ShoSho and Savannah
Sweet baby doll..

Sholann can "pump" her legs finally.. well done ShoSho

my 60's kids

The children had a 60's day so we got the white t'shirts and GEL !!!!!!!
Enjoy !

Where does the week go ?????

This week is flying by and I'm ready to do an update...

Mathew has had a good week and even been able to run a few errands.. He CLEANED my windows in and out and then collapsed! lol

He is now doing his favorite thing... building his model plane so he can go out and fly it and hopefully a buddy or two will join him..

Labwork gets done tomorrow and we will find out on Monday from his Oncologist whether he is well enough to continue on with at least one more round of chemo... The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter as we near to the end of this incredible, character building, faith promoting journey we have taken as a family..

For now the Dr says.. CANCER FREE..... and we hope it stays that way..

It will be months before Mathew is back to working but for now the blessings keep pouring into our lives and all is well...

Thank you for all the love and support given to us up to now.. Come visit us anyone that has time.. hint hint!

Thank you


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update finally............

Madness from the sugar in the cookies.. lol
Wow, time flies and I really need to update this blog...
Mathew is doing well and has been able to run a few errands... yippeeeeeeee..
Today however we did NOT go to Church.. I just wanted a chilled family day and needed some much needed rest to re-charge my batteries!
Mathew got up and made the children pancakes while I snoozed in bed a while longer.. Thanks Daddy!
I cooked a big sunday dinner that we all enjoyed and then tonight Uncle Jeff and Aunt Donna brought us over a HUGE plateful of homemade choco chip/ raisin cookies... which we ALL devoured rather quickly..
We LOVED having you both over tonight and want you to know we LOVE YOU BOTH!
As usual, our dear Hometeacher "popped" by to check up on us.. Thanks Kirk..
Margo brought over some fantastic tasting rice crispie treats.. for Brianna BUT happened to have a spare one in her purse! Mathew and I shoved that down our gullets pretty quickly also! I wonder why I'm getting FAT !????
All in all it was a wonderful day with the children all getting along together and Mathew and I being able to "chill"..
Today is a good day.... Mathew goes for his lab work on Friday then to the Drs next Monday and depending on the outcome of the bloodwork results he will start chemo a week from Tuesday....
Thanks again for all the support you all give to us.. xx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mathew is doing great!

Puppy Therapy with Maya
We've had quite a good week up to now.. Mathew has even been able to go out and run a couple of errands though he does come home and drop! No chemo for another week and a half..... yea!!!!!!!!!!
If anyone wants to stop by and see him you are welcome anytime... He and I love company.... hint hint!
Thank you for all the support from everyone..

PLEASE also say a prayer for a friend of ours who also is struggling with cancer... David..he and his wife Marjorie need them... Maxine x

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I was FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I got to go out all by myself and NO KIDS... It was WONDERFUL.. I hadn't realised just how much I needed a break after this week with Mathew in the hospital and 7 kids to take care of... My feet ached by the time I got home but boy did it feel good to be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol
Today, 3 of the children are sick with green noses and coughs and colds... Jacoby even needed breathing treatments poor kid.. My other 4 got to go to Church THANKS to Karri R and Pam W... You guys are a God send to our family ..... Only 4 sickos to take care of while the others were at church ....
Let's hope this coming week will be a GOOD week for us all but looking at the calendar I see I will be running here, there and everywhere due to Dr appts, dental, therapy, etc etc (FOR THE KIDS) maybe I should get a therapist toooooo....!
THANK YOU to our awesome members of our ward for the continued love you show us.. Out of this trial sures comes great BLESSINGS !!!! THANK YOU..

Friday and he's HOME!!!

I finally got to go pick up Mathew and then took him straight to his Oncologist Dr Nabong to be checked over... Mathew is on anti-biotics for the E Coli but he will NOT be having chemo until the 23rd Feb so this will give him time to build up his strength again... When we got home he went to bed feeling nauseous and dizzy... At least he is home...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday update

Mathew is still lying in his hospital bed but he did take a shower today... I even changed his bed for him and took him some nice clean clothes to wear... It's just like having another kid !! lol..
They are waiting to see how the culture continues to grow and should know more tomorrow... Thanks to all that have been to visit him....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a great friend...

I can finally polish my furniture.......... yippeeeeeeeee
Yummy Yummy
THANK YOU Debbie Rettew for the sweet sweet gesture of PLEDGE !!!!!!!!!!!
AND Bananas, ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and milk....
I will make a delicious banana split with it.. What would I do without friends?
THANK YOU also to Margo for coming to the rescue tonight with our children..
I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends....
THANK YOU to Tony my nephew for babysitting all 7 children tonight for me..

Tuesday update

Mathew is still in the hospital and is still having fever.... His oncologist came in and said that he was stopping the chemo this week and then in 2 weeks he will resume the chemo IF he is doing ok... He wants him to try to do another couple of sessions of chemo then to stop it completely..!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great news.......
Everything is looking good... Hopefully the E Coli and bladder infection will clear up soon...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back in the hospital.......

The past few days have been somewhat yukky for Mathew.. He went for chemo today and came back throwing up.... He went to take a nap and several hours later I went to check on him and he felt hot.. like 102.1 f hot...
His Oncologist had always told us that if he ever got a temp of over 100.4 f I was to take him to the ER..
Needless to say I called the Dr and he told me to take him straight to the ER..
His fever got up to 102.8 f and he was feeling totally miserable.
At 11:20pm they decided they were going to admit him so they could keep an eye on him overnight. His heart rate was up to 129 per min..just laying there and his headache was BAD!
I will update more tomorrow when we know more info..
a BIG THANK YOU to Pam and her family for letting her come over and take care of the children... It's a BIG job now there are 7 kids.....
We appreciate all the help we get.. for all the help with the children and for the phone calls and all the many Prayers that are said on our behalf.. THANK YOU

Poor Mathew

Mathew left for chemo at 9am and got home just after 2pm.... Then he started to throw up....YUK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looked totally ashen and is cold... This chemo is making him so sick poor guy...Anyway he is in bed and resting between throw up sessions... Maybe tonight he will feel better... Our blue tupperware bowl gets good use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been runnning around like a chicken without its head... soooo busy.. drs appts and phone calls galore about the 2 sets of foster kids... Remind me to stick to THREE not FIVE next lol

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A good weekend...

Mathew went to see Dr Nabong on Friday and was told his platelets were very low.. BUT by last night (sat) he was able to get up and go with our good friend Kirk to the movies!!! I was sad to not be able to go BUT he needed the break away from the house BIG TIME! His gout started to act up again but it seems to be easing alot quicker than before.....
Today we were able to go to Church.. all NINE of us plus Uncle Jeff...
Jacoby took Ryan up to bear his testimony then he bore his own..That's MY BOY!!!
Anyway, A good day in all.... Especially when Margo brought us over some fantastic homemade bread AND heart shaped cookies... YUM YUM !!!
PLUS we were ALL invited to have lunch with Jim and Kathy today.. THANK YOU Aunt Kathy and Uncle BoBo....