Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prayers for Susan and Justin Turley

Justin and Brave Susan
After the update last night, I got to thinking that I needed to join in the Fast for Susan as things are not looking good for her..
She has endured much suffering and pain.. My Prayer is that she will not have to suffer much more and that Heavenly Father can give her the peace and comfort she needs... Justin has been a saint with the updates and our Prayers go out to him also and the families involved.. It has made Mathew and I understand just how blessed we have been thus far with his reaction to Chemo. Really, it seems he is doing incredibly well.. Time will tell if the Chemo works and for now we just stay positive each and every day and never cease to marvel at the Faith we have..
Please keep the Prayers coming for both us and the Turleys.. Thank you

The Sabbath day..

Jacoby, Sholann and Daddy
Jacoby, Sholann and Mommy

Handsome boy............Jacoby
Pretty Princess Sholann

Mathew was up to going to Sacrament today despite being worn out from all the fun things we did this week.. The talks were wonderful and we came away feeling very uplifted and thankful that we have the Gospel in our lives more so than ever..
Being as the children were dressed for church we decided to take a few pictures.. Enjoy !!!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Susan Turley needs Prayers...

Just an update for those of you that ask me about Susan who was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer..\
if you want to go look at her website..

Justin updated today that she is not doing too well bless her and they are having a fast tomorrow for her. Seems the cancer with the delay of chemo over the last month or so has allowed the cancer to have maybe spread to her lungs and adrenal glands.. We are so very sad at this news...Please say extra Prayers for her and her husband Justin and their families...
Thank you
Maxine and Mathew

Friday, November 28, 2008

AND more fun pictures...

Jackie entertaining us and did a GREAT job too..
Tuli warmed up and got going .. he was brill

Tala was the first one with Jacoby to grab the mic....

Go Amber gooooooooooooooooooooooo... !!

Wow, when Robert gets going he does a fandazziduzzi job..
Thanks to Sherri, Chris, Brendon and Tyler...
Amber, Fitu, Tuli, Tala, Tau and The baby..
Jackie,Robert, Bobby and CJ..
and Pam, Zach and Jonah who brought a birthday cake with candles!!
Thanks also for the delicious food and gifts.

my birthday bash...

You should have seen this crazy FUN guy Fitu.. he was great!
Chris sang the most out of the adults I think.. Sherri joined in without the mic !!!!!!

Before they got started..

Go Fitu go... can he dance or what ??!!!

Jacoby loves to dance and sing. He had a fun night!

Mathew and Pam being

Pam brought me over a b'day cake.......
Thanks to friends and my hubby we had a blast tonight.. we invited some "old friends" to come eat and sing with us tonight. Mathew was able to set up a small karaoke system and we let the kids and the "BIG KIDS" go to town.. It was so much fun..
The food was yummy delicious, the singing was fun and the company was the best !!
Thank you to ALL that have e-mailed and called me today. I am just so happy that Mathew was up to having fun tonight as this is his "good weekend" before chemo on Monday...

47 today... aaaaghhhhhhhhhh

Gosh I'm OLD !!!!!

MY hubby is doing great today and we are having friends over for my birthday.... He actually feels GREAT !!! I will not forget my 47th birthday! lol
My sweet sis-in-law Deb got me a Gold Canyon candle.. Pumpkin spice..ooh..
AND everyone sang Happy Birthday to me at the Thanksgiving dinner..
My in-laws are SO NICE !

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank you Mary and Bob

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving at Mathews sister home today...
She went to town and even laid out the tables with china and glassware, no plastic stuff.. Thank you so much for making this a very special thanksgiving..
The food everyone brought was yummy..... Mathew and I enjoyed our day so much...

Hope everyone had a wonderful day like we did....


I am so Thankful to have a wonderful husband.. Love you babe xx
Have a FUN day
Sholann and Jacoby, our two great kids which we are Thankful for...
Just wanting to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and know we are soooooooooooooooooo grateful to everyone, for the love, support, meals, Prayers, advice, visitors, family, friends, neighbors and our ward family.. We are so glad we "came home"..
It has been a trial of a year but we are so very blessed and the rewards are many..

Maxine and Mathew..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mathew is finally feeling somewhat better..

Whew this has seemed like a long week. Mathew has been incredibly tired and has slept SO much.. I've felt kinda lonely this week.... I've told him..."your cancer is killing ME".. he is wearing me out as he gets up late at night then I feel like I need to be with him.. These late nights are giving me HUGE black circles under my eyes, a body that now can only move as slow as a sloth! a brain that is unable to think and remember.. Yet I love him more and more each day...

He went to his Urologist today and as usual has another urinary tract infection, a boil on his BUTT!!!!! sores are coming out the ying yang.. Meaning they are appearing everywhere for those of you that don't understand my British way of talking..!

He did take the kids to Alex and Tylers concert tonight while I stayed home with Sholann and her friend Alaina...

We later managed a few games of skipbo before he got too drained..

Not a bad day all in all thankfully...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Prayers for a friend in need..

Hi family and friends.. We ask for your Prayers for Susan Turley who has Cancer and has not done so well as Mathew ..
Take a moment to visit her blog that her husband Justin has kept updated.
I believe soooooooooo much in Prayer and feel the more people that pray for her the faster her recovery will be..

I know I can count on you all.. Thank you

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Christmas tree is UP !!!!

The finished product
Every year, Jacoby gets to place the Angel on top of the tree

Thanks to the help of friends getting our tree indoors and out of the box and set up we were able to trim the tree today.. Jacoby and I did most of it as Mathew has been feeling very weak today.. He did however, put Jacoby on his shoulders for the annual placing of the Angel on top of the tree..

Afterwards, Mathew collapsed on the couch worn out! Poor guy...
I am so excited that Christmas is near. It just brings even more of the Spirit to our home..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Being fed by our cousins.....

Thank you Kenny and Caroline for a fandazziduzzi meal of chicken curry, rice, salad, and asparagus.. Then delicious desserts with a choice of chocolate cake, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake..
Needless to say.. Mathew and I took a piece of each.. hee hee
Jacoby had a blast with his cousins, Christopher, Michael and Matthew.
I am soooooooo glad Mathew was up to travel to come spend the evening with you all. We loved it and hope to get together again soon.. Love you guys x

Thanks to the Pecks..

Thanks Melissa and George for helping to put up our tree... With team work "we did it" yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. I am so excited to start trimming the tree...

Christmas is coming and although it will be a sparse Christmas this year with Mathew not being to work we are sooooooooooo thankful for our many blessings and we realise what the true meaning of Christmas is..It's not about the gifts under the tree but about our family being able to spend another Christmas together and create memories..

Without our ward family and neighbors I honestly don't know how I could have coped so well with Mathews illness.. THANK YOU ALL....

Our wonderful Home Teacher...

We actually told Jacoby that we were not able to do the tree like we normally do and that it would stay in the box as shown.. He said "really ? what about the Christmas ornaments" I told him we would throw some lights on around the box and put a couple of baubles on the few branches showing....
Poor kid thought we were serious..
This kid is going to need therapy.. He is SO gullible tee hee hee

THANK YOU Kirk for being there for us yet again.. Kirk came and took down the remainder of our Halloween decorations and even climbed on our roof!!! to do so...

Then he helped rearrange our furniture to make room for our Christmas tree that I have wanted to put up for ages.. (I love Christmas) Dragging it in from our garage..


Thursday, November 20, 2008

No kids to adopt!

We just got an e-mail saying the 5 adoptable children we put our name in for are going to another home... I am determined to adopt so we can add to our Eternal family.... Where are you children ??? lol
For now we will just love the ones we have...

Thank you to the Galovich family

We got the greatest tasting chilli ever with cheese quesadillas. Also some salsa and chips... PLUS delicious chocolate, caramel, oatmeal slices....

We ALL enjoyed the meal and even MATHEW ate it and loved it too...

Thank you again guys and you are always welcome to our house even if your hands are empty.... lol

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hallelujah meal....

Tonight, Sarah R brought us a delicious meal over and Jacoby and the kids all sat down to eat the meal..... He suddenly chirps up........ "Mom, this is a Hallelujah meal" meaning he loved it.. He is sooooooooooo sweet with his descriptions!!!!!!! We are truly spoilt and truly grateful to all that have taken a part in helping us during this difficult time.. THANK YOU ALL..

ooooooooooooh that yucky Neulasta shot !!!!!!!!!

Feeling weak and yucky....

Poor Mathew.. we went to get his pump taken off today and he forgot to SHAVE where his port is so the nurse had to take the tape off pulling his hairs like crazy... he was flushed and screaming with pain while she was sweating buckets trying to peel it off.... lol

Anyway after she did it she said "whew.. ok you can go now..." so we took off FAST... She came running out after us saying she had forgotten to give Mathew his shot................. NOOOOOOOOOOOO we had to go back and get it done... He then came home and crashed for the rest of the day poor guy.. He got up tonight and ate a little took meds... played a few games then crashed again.. We hate the Neulasta and it's side effects BUT it does help build his white cells up....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chemo today and doing well.....

Mathew and Justin tucking in to the yummies...

Mathew went for his 3rd session of chemo today and doing pretty good. He came home and took a few hours nap then up to visit with our friends the Roberts... who brought him some delicious rice krispie treats and a BRILLIANT cd full of fun songs....

Today we need to give thanks to Ruth for wonderful soups and homemade bread and rice krispie treats... YUM YUM oh and pineapple.. The kids LOVED it...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Slim Jim.....

Poor Mathew has been getting sores in and
out of his mouth! BUT always has a smile..

Mathew did great today and even made it to church...
Our cousin Lorena bought him some pj's and he looks SO slim in them.. It's weird to see my hubby with NO FAT belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

He's OUT !!!!!!!!!!

Gosh.. what a roller coaster ride.... Mathew was allowed to come home so he is resting in bed..
At least he will get the chemo on an Mon and Tues.. thankfully !
Thanks for your calls and prayers....

He's back in the hospital !!!!!!!

Mathew has been having "contraction" type pains in the lower abdomen this week and I finally got him to go to the hospital Friday at about 5:30pm.

We HOPED it would be in and out but they ended up admitting him into Gateway after doing xrays and bloodwork then a catscan!

The catscan showed that there was quite a bit of inflamed area around where he had the op before to remove the cancer and "strands" showed infection there...

He is on 2 antibiotics through IV and painkillers..

Dr Abdu ( poss Abdo) will be in in the morning to check Mathew out and he wanted him to be admitted tonight.. SO here it is 3:30am and I am just getting home to go to bed............

Please say a Prayer for him if you are reading this...

Will update more tomorrow as we know more... signing off....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank you "The Bushons"

Mathew received a beautiful bunch of balloons today with a box of chocolates!!!!!!!!! from his sister Lavena and family..

THANK YOU guys.. love ya x

up and eating goodies.....

Mathew has felt alot better this week and today up and eating scrummy chocolates from Mom and Aunt Edith..

Caught him eating one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday, he was even able to go with us all to Peter Piper Pizza for a few hours. Nice to be a "whole" family sometimes...

Chemo resumes this coming Monday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Still up to hair cutting!

Mathew cut Jacoby's hair today much to Jacoby's annoyance...

Maybe deep down he wishes daddy wasn't "up to" doing the monthly hair cut regime!!!

Mathew is losing weight still... My man got up to "200" this past year and is now down to a whopping...................... 177lbs! Poor guy is wasting away here.. Next week I will bulk him up again when he will hopefully get his appetite back..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

update....... I'm slacking !!!!

Hi everyone..
Mathew is fine and dandy.. just feeling extremely tired and has no energy...
I think it is the Neulasta shot they gave to him yesterday as this seems to be the culprit for dragging him down....
He sleeps most of the day and gets up as the sun goes down!!!!!!!!!!
Let's hope by the weekend he will be up and about!

This is him with our crowd 1 year ago.. before we knew what we know now!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Feeling good enough to shave......

Mathew slept most of the time after getting back from doing Chemo...
He got up tonight to a meal from the Rettews...(Thank you).
Then felt like he should shave his mug!!!
My man is amazing........

Monday, November 3, 2008

2nd round of chemo...

Mathew is doing great after his 2nd round of chemo... (3rd session)
He came home and slept all afternoon and woke up energized enough to play Sequence.. (I won)...Like he said.. "take advantage of a man while he's down"
His pump is attached and feeding him his cocktail of Goodies cum Baddies!!
The Dr gave him Ativan ( I think) and this will help him sleep and help with the nausea also along with the Zofran.
Even though he had a fever on Thursday, his bloodwork came back ok so he could go through with the chemo today instead of it being delayed... YIPPEEEEE

Sunday, November 2, 2008