Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daddy looks like Jesus !!!

and she thinks he looks like Jesus!!
My 3 boys being WEIRD!!

Sholann saw daddy in a wig today that the boys had had out and she said
"Daddy, you look like Jesus" !! too cute.. Mathew looks awful and needs a shave BAD.... but at least he is up and sharing our 14th Anniversary together!
Tonight he is up to having some friends over.. Can't wait... yippeeeee

Monday, December 29, 2008

No chemo until next Monday...

We went to the Oncologist today and they gave Mathew IV fluids and told him to go home and have another weeks break from chemo... I think this is a great idea as Mathew has just been so tired and down lately.. This will help him to build more energy up for the next onslaught!
Thanks for all the calls, e-mails and Prayers..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The culprit.. PLEURISY !

After almost 10 hours at the ER, the Dr decided that it is Pleurisy that is causing Mathews pain in his chest..

He ended up having an Xray and TWO CT scans.. due to the first one not working properly as the computer froze up... The first one apparently would have given a better reading and diagnosis but they couldn't inject him with the dye twice.. Only once every 24 hrs so they did it differently the 2nd time.

Needless to say we are home, starving and tired out.. This stress is killing me!

We go to the Oncologist at 8:30am and see what he has to say about Mathew having chemo or not.

THANKYOU everyone that helped us out. we couldn't do this without all of our helpers..

Keep the Prayers coming PLEASE ! Thanks Maxine x

Off to the hospital..

I got home from Church today and Mathew said he wasn't able to breathe properly without hurting so I'm taking him to Banner Gateway to get checked out.. I am thinking he has pneumonia..
Thanks to the Pecks, Becks, McGonagills and the Roberts for taking care of our children....
Will update later when we know more...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Low white cell count...

We got a call from the on call Dr at the cancer treatment center asking how Mathew was... I told him that he is having breathing treatments as I fear he may be getting pneumonia.. He said the results from his blood test yesterday came back and the white cells were VERY LOW and if he got a temperture of 100.5f to 101f I should take him to the ER asap...
I think I've felt his forehead 324 times today ... lol
Touch wood, apart from being extremely tired there is no fever.. We think the chemo will be postponed this coming Monday. We see our Oncologist at 8:30am Monday so we will know more then.
It might be that he needs to go in for a blood transfusion and luckily we have a cousin who is willing to donate..(already a blood donor)
The rollercoaster ride goes on.. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... lol
No church for Mathew tomorrow, just a lazy day poor guy..
Will update more later....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A wonderful Christmas Day

Donna - Jeff and Ryan
sitting down to the feast

In the kitchen as always! lol

Jeff and Donna.... we luv em !

Putting them to WORK !

It was just going to be the 4 of us BUT things changed when our dear friends Jeff and Donna (and their son Ryan) decided that they would bring some food over and we would cook it here !!!!! We had a great time and so thankful they thought to ask to come on over.. We ate well and played games and chatted and it truly made our day special..
Thanks for coming over ..

Our Princess

Sholann with Aunt Edith and Gramma
Loves the dress up shoes..

SO happy...
Sholann woke up 3 hours after Jacoby so she got to open her gifts on our bed..)we went back to bed at 6:30am)
She was very excited and had no problem ripping the paper off so she could see what Santa brought..
Here are a couple of pictures..
Mom and Aunt Edith popped over to see us so they got a picture taken also.. Rollers included!!!

Christmas 2008

Tears of Happiness and a hug and kiss from his boy!
His annual Christmas treat

I searched EVERY store for this and everyone was sold out.. Thanks Santa for coming through for us!

Bikes are awaiting their new owners Max and Ryan
We are so THANKFUL that today we were able to be here together celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ.. That my children are healthy and Daddy is able to be home and share this day with us.
Roll on next year when Daddy will have the energy to go up North and play in the snow, to go ski and be able to finally endure the cold. These meds he's on sure create havoc with cold temps!
BUT NO GRUMBLING, we are very blessed to have this Christmas day with us all being home together...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It was the Night before Christmas!!

Sho with "Sissy"
Too cute......

The Roberts' family
Tonight we had the Roberts family come over to bring Sholann a gift. The book T'was the night before Christmas..... she read this book last night with Sister Roberts.. so they thought this would start a Tradition of reading it to others on Chritmas Eve which of course we will encourage her to do..
She read it tonight with "Sissy" Katelin to us all.. The Tradition has begun...
Merry Christmas to the Roberts family..

Thanks Bro O'Hara

This great guy came over today for a "hot toddy" with Mathew... Actually it was some good ol juice to give him a boost.. We had a good laugh with this witty fella... Sure will miss them when they move.. Remember where we live ok guys???

Mathew is home..........

Sure happy to be going home !!!!!!!
A long story short...... Mathew was told he could go home yesterday (Tuesday 23rd dec) around 8am by the Oncologist.. still there in the afternoon he was told again he was clear to go home by his surgeon... at 6pm I called the hospital and said that I was going to come down there and find the Hospitalist MYSELF if they didn't release Mathew now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonders will never cease.. The nurse called back and said Mathew was going to see the Hospitalist NEXT.. by 7pm I was bringing him home... Shame you have to get stroppy but don't mess with the MAMA BEAR!!!! lol
Now he is home for Christmas for sure.. yippeeeeeee
Thanks to all who helped us over this period of madness and for the food... Thanks to the Nielsons for the best ever home made salsa and delicious chicken enchiladas etc etc etc... Margo for being there as always to help and for the inspired hubby of hers Bern, to come and give Mathew a great blessing...
The Pecks who continually bail us out.. All who call and offer prayers, the goodies we keep getting (next year I start on a diet) lol
The Masseys for saving my BUTT !!!!!!! ( inside story)
Thanks also to the Dayleys for spending time with us even though it was past Lindas bedtime!!!!
As always.. our awesome hometeacher Kirk who stops by and checks up on us everyday if not several times... Gosh we are blessed..
Thanks to everyone else for all the support and love shown to us..
Family members (like Mom for coming and sleeping over) and ward family alike, friends and neighbors..
Love from the Crazy Arringtons xxx

Monday, December 22, 2008

THANK YOU to the Peck Family

Our sweet friends (or maybe crazy friends) took our 4 kids today for me while I was at the hospital with Mathew.. I think I can call her an "ex friend" now.. lol
Thank you so much for the yummy chicken pie and for doing a great job with my kids....

Mathew is back in the hospital..

Just letting everyone know he is back in at Gateway Banner hospital..
We got a scare this morning when he had rectal bleeding! He was scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow due to an elevation last week with his CEA bloodwork but today they did the CT scan and it came back NORMAL !!!! The chemo might be irritating the colon where they did the resection.. hence the bleeding.
They are keeping him overnight to watch the bloodwork due to the dizziness he has been having.. The rollercoaster goes on !!!! lol
Hope all goes well overnight then he can come home for Christmas.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Madero ward is full of CHRISTlike brothers and sisters

Today Mathew was able to make it to Sacrament which he enjoyed soooooo much.. The choir sang like a chorus of Angels, Jessie Rowley sang like an Angel...We had wonderful, inspiring talks from The Miners.. Mathew was inspired by it all today and I was so happy he felt up to going.. at least for the hour or so..

Later, we had a visit from Brother Cutchen and was again overwhelmed by the sincere generosity of our ward family for helping us with giving our children the opportunity to get gifts from "Santa"

THANK YOU to all...

Our ward is full of people who act as Christ would and we can only hope that through our trials we have endured this year, it will make us all the more stronger and to be more Christlike ourselves..

Please keep Mathew in your Prayers as he goes for another Catscan on Tuesday to see why is bloodwork came back elevated..

We are Praying it is to do with an inflammation rather than the cancer spreading.. Whatever the outcome we know our ward family will be there for us and for that we offer our continued gratitude to you all...

Friday, December 19, 2008

A sad day...

Tyler, Briana and Alex

Today, 3 of our 5 foster children left to go home to their mom.. Stephanie, I know you read this and we wanted to say you are all in our Prayers and hope things will always go well for you all. We miss B, T and A like crazy already and wish they were coming "home" but we will settle for
Give them all big kisses and hugs from "Mom and Dad" xxx Chat soon Maxine

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mathew needs a CatScan

Just wanted to update everyone.. Dr Nabong told us yesterday that the "CEA" I think that's what it is .. came back elevated and he wants to do another catscan

to see if the cancer has spread or if there is a new tumor somewhere..

It could be nothing but we want to rule out Cancer.

He is scheduled for tues 23rd Dec and tomorrow I pick up the results from the last catscan so they can compare them both when he has it done..

As usual we are hopeful and positive all is well.

If you can please keep Mathew in your Prayers we would truly appreciate it. We have to beat this and WIN!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

AASK Christmas party

Today, our foster agency invited us to the annual Christmas party..
Our kids got to meet Santa and The Grinch!! It was fun to meet up with friends who share the love for children in need...

Our Family Christmas party..

I must be CRAZY having 50 plus people here!! fun though
Saturday we hosted the Arrington plus family party... It was a BLAST!!

Tons of food, fun and family! Thanks to our nephew Eddie who brought the HUGE slide for the kids (and adults) and to all who came and brought delicious food and drinks..

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank you Pam.... Snickerdoodles rule!

Sweet Pam brought over a ton of these fabulous cookies and I bet I know where they will settle... On my hips, thighs and tummy!!!!! Thanks!

Pam is always doing stuff for us.. what a great friend we have...

The Woolfs came back Yipppeeeee

Our dear friends came to see us tonight after not seeing them for 6 years!!!
It was just like we had never been apart and picked up from where we left off.
I used to look after Ally when she was a baby (cutest little girl ever)..
Leah arrived 1 year before Jacoby was born..( I got her to drink from a bottle)
Allyson used to call Jacoby her "brother"...

Anyway they have grown up to be beautiful.
Bonde hasn't changed at all BUT Simon... well... he's still Simon !!lol
When we got together to play games many years ago whoever won had to do the "victory dance" and YES Simon WE won at times!!!!! I remember doing my own victory dance.. lol
Leah had fun being with all 10 boys tonight.. they enjoyed her ALOT!
Ally stayed in and visited with us..
Thanks guys for coming over and we have to make sure it's not another SIX years before we get together and beat you at the games! We're ready to do our victory dances....

Jacobys belated 11th birthday party

Jacoby, Daniel, Bobby, CJ, Brendon, Tyler,Tuli, Tala, Scott and Max..
We decided to let Jacoby have a "few" friends over for a sleep over!!!!!!

Turns out there are TEN kids.. and all BOYS...!!!

Tooooooooooooooooo much Testosterone running around.. lol

My nephew Eddie let us borrow a HUGE slide and the kids are having a blast..

The delivery of PIZZA helped quieten them down somewhat so instead of hollering and shouting it is now is muffled screaming!

And to think I was silly enough to get them dessert full of SUGAR..

I think I will be sleeping outside tonight while they sleep IN!!!!!

My baby is eleven...... boo hoo hoo.........

Happy Birthday sweet Jacoby xx

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All is well

Mathew is ok but tonight his stomach started hurting so we are watching his temp making sure it doesn't go up too much and indicate another inflammation of the bowel... never a dull moment in the Arrington household..
Our Home Teacher Kirk stopped by again.. (he is the greatest) and so thankful for the visit.. Thanks to Teresa tooooooooo..
I had Alaina come over to play with Sholann today and after their bath tonight(they love their bubble baths together)
I took some pictures of these sweet little girls.. ENJOY!

Wacky hat day

Our 6 kids (Sholann didn't have school today) had a wacky hat day for school.. Here is a picture of the Arrington Clan before they got on the bus.. lol

Monday, December 8, 2008

What a long week....

Poor Mathew was so down this last week since the chemo last tues, wed and thurs.. It hit him hard this time and taking longer to "get going"

He was very upset to hear of Susans' passing and it has affected us both deeply knowing we too could be dealing with this if the chemo doesn't work..
BUT we need to be positive and live each day like it was our last and have fun and be surrounded by those we love.

Our friend David was in the hospital this past week also dealing with his cancer and side effects so we have been fasting and praying more than ever. including for Dave and his wife Marjorie... Justin Turley and all of his family..
Jacoby fasted for the FIRST time this past Sunday and I felt proud of him for doing so and know daddy will benefit from that..
I have been busy with our 2 new foster sons so our household is up to 9...
7 kids and Mathew and I.. However it is going great and keeping me busy which I like.
The kids all gathered around daddy last night so I got the camera quickly.. Hope they were looking at something good on daddys lap top!!!!!!! lol
I will try to get busy on this and post more updates..
Thanks everyone for your continued support.. Maxine

Saturday, December 6, 2008