Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a great weekend....

I was told there was going to be chicken AND Steak later BUT there wasn't......... except for US.. I play the Cancer card and hey presto we get chicken straight off of the grill...I was totally delighted and very grateful.....
Briana starting to climb the wall..

Happy dad watching Jacoby sing karaoke
Sharing the table with the Romneys
Wall climber Briana
Karaoke Jacoby with sisters in tow.. Briana and Brianna

Jacoby and his "old best friend" Chandler
Mathew "hanging out" with our neighbor Elizabeth...
Chandler Jenkins and Nicholas Turcott
Hotdog Ryan

Dunked Jacoby
Silly Coby
Dunked Alex
Kirk (best home teacher) and Mathew
Having 9 children was FUN today... With the Datuins here and our 6, we were able to have a fun time together.. Started the day with Scouts for Jacoby and then coming home to swim.
Naps for the little ones and then up and off to the Jnr High for a FANTASTIC Stake picnic with fun and games...
Our kids loved it, climbing the rock wall, singing karaoke, being dunked in the cold water tank, bouncing on the bouncey castles and sliding down the HUGE slide plus playing games and winning prizes along with great food... seemingly prepared by the Santa Rita 2nd ward...
Thank you ALL that made this day a great day for our children and for us. It was good seeing old faces and meeting up with friends, seeing how much the children have grown over the years, mixing with the many people from all the different wards..
The weather was fantastic, the food was delicious and the company was great.. We were entertained all day and just soooooooooooooooooooooooooo grateful to all the members that put in so much work to make this a great day for all...
When we were all getting ready to leave we had the added wonderful surprise of hotdogs, buns and french fries given to us to bring home.
A lady came up to me as I was loading the 5000 into the van and gave me a plate of brownies from the left overs of the fund raiser.. How sweet was that?
For those of you that didn't make it there today, you missed out on a wonderful funfilled day.


thearringtonclan said...

Just hope you REALLY know that we had a GREAT day today........... lol

Pam said...

Looks like fun! Too bad we were 400 miles away and missed it. You need to buy a small bus for all of your children.... :)