Friday, September 4, 2009

Life is to be loved...

Today I realise that each day we are given on this earth should be a day full of fun experiences, learning moments and opportunities for us to grow Spiritually..
Today as my sister in law was going through a colonoscopy she stopped breathing.. They rushed her to the hospital and enabled her to breathe until she could breathe on her own..
This is when I realise just how in a moment our lives can be changed forever.. Luckily she is doing well and will be ok but it sure makes you think about making the most of every second we have and living life to the fullest...

This week as another colon cancer patient passed on I realise the miracle of life for Mathew..
God is not ready for him yet so we have the blessing of spending time with him..
For the families of both Susan Turley and Kim Miller we extend our Prayers to you all..

To those of us that have another day here let's fill it to the brim of happiness and love and fun and gratitude..
Thank you friends for the love and support you continue to give to us Crazy Arringtons....