Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How sweet is she??????

Today when Mathew got home from Chemo, he brought in some clorox wipes and throat lozengers with a card...

I read the card and thought ohhhhhhhhhhhh how sweet is she.... Meaning Melissa Peck (MAYBE) I couldn't quite make out the name.. However, I called her to ask if it was her and she said " NO, but I wish I had thought of it" then she said maybe Pam had done it.. Pam said "NO" also but wished she had thought that also.. SO here I have my TWO great friends who hadn't done this for me.. Well who was it I ask? I had my hubby and my nephew look at the name to try to read what the name said.. We came up with MEL...!!!

Melissa suddenly pipes up.. "Isn't Melanie your visiting teacher"?

So on the phone again I go and I leave her a message.. The mysterious SHE calls back and all is confirmed.. the SHE is MEL who is my sweet VISITING TEACHER !!! THANKYOU friend.. you are so thoughtful and knew exactly what to bring.. lol lol

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Pam said...

Melanie is such a sweetie. I wish I were that thoughtful. I'll have to work on it.... :)