Thursday, October 9, 2008

Porta-cath tomorrow at 10am

We have to be at Banner Gateway at 8:30am for the prep of the surgery!

WELL... the slicing open of the skin to place the port in !!!! lol

Luckily Mathew will be sedated and hopefully know NOTHING!!!!

Unlike all the experience of the colonoscopy.. OUCH!

This is a great time to move forward and be positive about the whole situation.. This is just a step forward to get the Chemo going and the Cancer to STOP!

Thank you all again for the outpouring of love and support to not only Mathew and I but to our children too.

Family, friends and friends of friends.. thanks to you all..

The many blessings that have come and keep coming to us are amazing.

We must stay strong and fight this..
I need Mathew back in the kitchen at work !!!!! lol


Pam said...

Hope it all goes well. The idea of having that portacath in there is sort of gross, but at least it will be a good tool in fighting the cancer. It really is a great invention.

Kari Hanson said...

Hope all went well. A Portacath sure beats having IV Chemo! It's also better than a central line. Janna had a central line, and I had to change her dressing every three days and flush it twice a day with Heparin for 15 months, and no swimming!

Anonymous said...

I can never get this thing to work so i'll try once more. I love you Little Brother. I love you too Maxine and even more now that you are taking such good care of Mathew. Takes a special kind of Woman to do that! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is me Deb cause that's the only way i could get this to work! ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH