Monday, February 23, 2009

Good and Bad news!!!

Mathew went to see his Oncologist today and the GOOD news is, he gets another week off from Chemo just so that his body can have a bit more time to recoup.
The BAD news is that Dr Nabong said that being as 8 out of the 16 lymph nodes were positive he wants Mathew to do the full course!!! He kept thinking that Mathew had only 1 positive lymph node..... Mathew was pretty sad about this blow but hey, what the heck..... he's at least still here and we have to be very thankful for that..... Another week to enjoy with him having some energy.. GREAT !!!!!


Family....That's what it's all about! :) said...

Wow..your arm is painful looking. You did that good...ouch is right! It is inflammed big time. Well, Poppins, just take a spoonfull of sugar and it will help that medicine go down. ;) Then just go to sleep. :) ha! Seriously, I do hope that heals quickly. You have so many to tend to, you don't have time for your own boo-boo's. :) What does a Full course mean for many more treatments will that be? I am so thankful he has had some really good days lately. I would love to be eatin those you got some special folks around you. :) What a blessing. Love you all! Gina and Chris

Deb said...

Bummer for both of ya! Mat keep your chin up and Max keep your eyes open! ha! We love you loads! xo