Sunday, December 28, 2008

The culprit.. PLEURISY !

After almost 10 hours at the ER, the Dr decided that it is Pleurisy that is causing Mathews pain in his chest..

He ended up having an Xray and TWO CT scans.. due to the first one not working properly as the computer froze up... The first one apparently would have given a better reading and diagnosis but they couldn't inject him with the dye twice.. Only once every 24 hrs so they did it differently the 2nd time.

Needless to say we are home, starving and tired out.. This stress is killing me!

We go to the Oncologist at 8:30am and see what he has to say about Mathew having chemo or not.

THANKYOU everyone that helped us out. we couldn't do this without all of our helpers..

Keep the Prayers coming PLEASE ! Thanks Maxine x


Debbie said...

OH my goodness you are you holding up? We are praying like crazy! What exactly is pleurisy??

thearringtonclan said...

pleurisy is an inflammation of the lung lining I think!!!!!!!!!!

Pam said...

Any idea how he got Pleurisy? Is it a risk with chemo or with cancer? Tell Mathew this is simply not allowed. Only one health concern at a time please because that is all we can handle..... (hope he feels better soon).