Monday, April 6, 2009

He's looking good !!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling GOOD !!!!!!!!!
Mathew has had quite a lot more energy of late due to not having the chemo.. He managed to do 7 rounds but after getting so sick, Dr Nabong gave him more time off...

On April 9th he goes for a Renal ultrasound..

On April 17th, he goes to get a ton of bloodwork done.

On April 21st he goes for a Cat scan.

Then on April 24th we go to see Dr Nabong to get the results of all the tests to see if the cancer is still hanging around or if it has gone on vacation!!!!!
We will know on the 24th if Mathew needs to continue with the chemo or if he can stop it and just get checked every 3 months to keep an eye on what is or hopefully IS NOT going on...
He has come a long way since last being diagnosed Sept 08.. We can but continue to Pray for a full recovery and a LONG life ahead ..
Thank you to everyone for the Prayers, comforting words, phone calls and e-mails etc etc..To our Ward Family who have lifted us up and carried us through this trial.. Our neighbors who constantly "pop over" to check up on us.. Our friends and family members for the words of support and love.
To our Heavenly Father who knew we would grow from this trial and not weaken..
We stand stronger today as a couple than ever before. How could we not be grateful for the challenges we've endured? We are sooooooooooo thankful for this opportunity that we as a family have been able to pull closer to one another and to see the gratitude our children have been able to show to others for the love and support given to us all..
Our testimonies are stronger.. Our family unit is stronger...
Thank you ALL


deb said...

AMEN! xoxoxo

Family....That's what it's all about! :) said...

Amen... oh my goodness that is what Deb said, but after I read your blog, that is the word that filled my mind. so I leave it stated..."Amen" :) love yall!

Jardel said...

Matt you are in our prayers and hope for a good report on the 24th.

The Stratton and Bokish Families

Pam said...

I am so glad he is doing well and I'll keep praying for a healthy report from Dr. Nabong.

Sometimes the hardest experiences are the ones you end up the most grateful for. It has been a tender experience watching how well you and your family have handled all of this.

You are very loved :)