Friday, April 24, 2009

Well done Jacoby 5th Grade!

Mrs Lira... Jacobys 4th grade Teacher who he loved (and still loves)
Jacoby with Scott Walton..Both made Academics night!
Daniel Peck made it too but he dashed off somewhere!!
Jacoby with his Pin....we'll keep it and the pamphlet for his baby box!
My BIG BOY !!!!!!!!
I went to Jacobys Academic night last night.... What a great kid and I am soooooooooooo thankful he is MY son.... He has had straight A's the last 3 quarters so he was one of the 40 who made it out of the entire 5th grade classes...... YIPPEEEEEE.... Can you tell we are proud of him....?
Afterwards we took the boys to WENDYs for a treat!


Coleen said...

Jacoby, good job for all the hard work. See, it pays off!!

Pam said...

That was a fun night! You took great pictures. You've got to email me that cute pic of Jacoby and Scott for me to put on my blog.