Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mama Bear sick

Poor me....
Life sucks ! well BAD health does I mean !
Gosh, What a dreadful week of sickness... ON Sunday I was NOT feeling good and all night Sunday I was awake with the worst cough and aching body EVER!!!
It totally knocked me for six and today I am trying to get up and about again to start getting a LIFE!!!!!!! Just the terrible flu and a cough that I believe will stay with me throughout Eternity!
Don't ask about my kids or hubby this week.. I have no idea what has gone on nor do I care! They are still alive which proves daddy did a great job... lol lol
I feel like the last 8 months of caring for Mathew finally caught up with me as I relaxed because HE was feeling better... Now it is MY turn.....
Thank you to everyone that checked up on me.. Madero ward comes through yet again.. This is the most awesome ward and I think we should change it from "Madero" ward to "Zion 1st" ward!
The love and support is endless and I can only hope when I am back up on my feet, that I can reach out to my fellow members and be there for them.. YOU !


thearringtonclan said...

AND............. I did NOT.. even lose ONE STINKING POUND !!!!!!!!!! cannot believe it.... grr grrrrr

Pam said...

Those are some sad pictures! Boo hoo!